atomicDEX orderbook for web communities

peer to peer orderbook with marketmaking controls and a reverse auction automation strategy in development for engaging followers & communities

bitcoin atomic swap trading

Atomic Swap Software Stack

Live P2P Orderbook

Beta available for download. Docker container for quick install

Reverse Auction Strategy

Built for community engagement with peer to peer reverse auction market maker strategy. Coming Q3 2020.

100% Open Source

Full stack atomic swap market maker, API & integration available to download, deploy and/or modify

Deploy all market pairs or configure your coin as the base or quote currency always

Curious to see all orderbook live data? Or maybe only interested in one coin community? Deploy with ease

Community Exotics

No need for BTC only quote currency to trade into another coin - view prices quoted in KMD, LTC, ZEC, ETH, DASH & more...

Exotic Full Market

See the network orders for all available market pairs to see for any non-custodial atomic swap arbitrage opportunities on the atomicDEX network


beta experimental software